Kerri is one of those lucky people who loves what she does. She has been working in the field of art and design for over 20 years. "I never get bored or feel as if I want to be doing something else." Creating is in her blood.

She does many different things, and is passionate about everything she does. She loves working on the computer making graphic art, illustrations, animations and editing videos. But most importantly she loves doing it for other people. She would love to make something for you.

She is certified in web design, video production, and multimedia. She brings great ideas to the table, and works fast. She is an expert in Illustrator and Photoshop having over 25 years expereince working with these programs. She also knows Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, Flash, After Affects and InDesign, and is currently working toward getting certified in all these programs.


Have purpose with integrity and provide quality service to clients while doing what we love.




We will work with anyone who needs our expertise. Our main goal is to help our clients by sharing what we know, and developing strong relationships with them.



Koocka's Kreations expands to meet the targeted needs of each project. We have a network of skilled professionals we utilize on an as-needed basis.

picture of me wearing passion and purpose T


With our creativity we will transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, and create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations. We make the ordinary extraordinary. Good design can come in a flash of inspiration, or be a collaborative process of discovery that takes patience, experience, and communication. We strive to bring creativity to everything we do.



Good communication is what sets us apart. We begin each project by gaining a solid understanding of who you are, what you do, why you do it, and what you want to convey. Good communication with our clients is what makes us strategic partners.


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