Dina: Fulfilling the Dream - Space Station One


Earth has formed a space travel, and colonization program on Space Station One. Life will never be the same again for Judy and Arianna.



About this project


Hi, my name is Kerri Schiff and I am seeking support for my graphic novel DINA: Fulfilling the Dream. Presently I'm trying to raise funds to get Chapter 1 - Space Station One reprinted. The reprint will include edits and modifications from the trial printing, as well as a new, final version, cover. (see above image).



Chapter 1 - Space Station One


When Earth begins to show signs of being uninhabitable, humanity sets up a program to find other exoplanets for people to colonize. Their efforts are successful and the crisis on Earth is averted by sending hundreds of thousands of people out to live off-world.



Chapter One takes place on Space Station One, where we meet Judy and Arianna. Judy is a recruit being trained for the various tasks necessary to settle on a new planet, and Arianna is preparing for a job on a spaceship.



how this Project came to be


DINA: Fulfilling the Dream started off as a personal project over 10 years ago. I had just read an illustrated version of The Hobbit, and loved the idea of making illustrations for a book, so started making drawings for one of my favorite sci-fi novels. Once I had started creating characters and settings, etc. I decided I didn't want to just illustrate someone else's story, I wanted to illustrate my own story. I didn't consider myself a writer back then, but I started getting ideas for a story. One scene led to another, then another etc. Much of my inspiration came from Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Darkover, X-Men, and many other iconic sci-fi series, movies, and books. I wanted to create a new world, and I wanted it to be original. Not only did I want the story to be an interpretation of one possible future, but I also wanted readers to feel what some of the characters were experiencing. Therefore Chapter One has some real life experiences which include adult and gay themes, and nudity scenes, which might not be appropriate for children under 17.


I've had a lot of fun creating this world, and I hope you all find it as equally fun reading it and supporting it. I have many more chapters I want to write and create so please keep checking back for future campaigns.



purchase the first edition


You can help support this project by purchasing a book directly from me. Send an email to koocka to inquire about purchasing the book this way. (Kerri will receive more money with this approach).


You can also go to amazon.com and purchase the first edition there.

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Support this project


 Please support this project by sending an email to koocka with the subject line: Dina donation. Any amount will help. Once I collect the amount necessary to get the book reprinted, I will let you all know how you can get a copy. Thank you very much for your support. Higher amounts come with some perks.