I've heard it be said that print is dead. At Koocka's Kreations we say that couldn't be further from the truth. If you want your brand or campaign to be effective, you need quality graphic design & quality printing. Now, more than ever, you need compelling print design. Your customers still want a tangible piece of marketing collateral that they can feel and not have to swipe on a tablet. Print Design has never been more important. Koocka's Kreations maintains valuable relationships with top quality printers across the U.S. to supply high-end printed material. Let us take your next print project to completion.



Save money.  If your art file is not prepared precisely the way it needs to be for printing, you may find that it will cost more to have a commercial printing company “fix” the art file than it would have been to simply hire a professional to prepare proper “print-ready” art files in the first place.

Improves your image.  We’ve all seen business cards prepared on a home printer using perforated paper and the  impression they leave. Well designed and professionally printed marketing materials will convey an image to your prospective customers of a professional company that they can trust.

A designer saves time. You know your job and do it well. A graphic designer is a professional who knows their
    field. They know about things like bleed and trap, type-safety and imposition so that you don’t have to. A
            graphic designer can turn  your ideas into reality in a short time, leaving you free to do what you do best.


Creating properly prepared art for commercial printing is not rocket science, but there are many concepts to understand and follow to be successful. Koocka's Kreations has over 20 year of print production knowledge to ensure your projects turns out right. Below are a few reasons to hire a professional designer with printing knowledge: